Indicator Timbangan A9+P Sonic

Indicator Sonic A9+P simple weighing for :

  • Truck scale,
  • Bench scale and,
  • Floor scale with printer

Weighing Indicator A9+P adopts high precision Σ-Δ A/D conversion Technology, with built-in printer. Widely applied in electronic Truck scale. floor scale, bench scale and static weighing system.

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Jual Indicator Timbangan A9+P Sonic

Kami juga menerima jasa service indicator timbangan a9+p sonic Kalibrasi timbangan dan tera ulang timbangan sonic.

Feature :

  • Σ – Δ high precision A/D conversion method, able to process input signal from -16mV to 18mV
  • Good consistency, no need to re-calibrate if change the former indicator, high precision
  • DC power socket with anti-connect and anti-short circuit protection
  • With strong anti- disturbance function

Functions :

  • Built-in micro printer
  • AC/DC power supply, rechargeable battery
  • Set up zero tracking range
  • Zero range: (auto/manual)
  • 2-point calibration correction function
  • 2-compensation calibration method
  • Able to print across and upright weighing bill
  • Able to print different statistical reports


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