Indicator Timbangan CAS CI-150A

Fast and Accurate Industrial Indicator
Industrial Indicator CI-150A provides fast control and accurate weighing which is ideal for various industrial environments with its high speed ADC and 1/10,000 high resolution.
We reduced its size and installed various ports of terminal block type on the indicator.

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Jual Indicator Timbangan CAS CI-150A

Kami juga menerima jasa service indicator timbangan cas ci-150a Kalibrasi timbangan dan tera ulang timbangan cas.

  • High speed ADC : 320times/sec
  • Support Modbus RTU Protocol
  • Multi-calibration
  • Provide various interfaces


Fast Control & Accurate Weighing Performance
With its high speed ADC(updated 320 times per second) and high display resolution
(1/10,000), CI-150A provides fast control and accurate weighing performance

Minimal Size & Clear LED Display

By reducing its height, which is 65mm, CI-150A is perfect for instrumenting
mini panel; also users can view the weight clearly through its LED display

Various Interfaces

RS-232C and optional interfaces which include RS-485, Analog output, External
2-input/ 4-output make easy installation and weight control.


– Various measuring equipment
– Platform scales


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