Indicator Timbangan Cas CI-502A

Weighing Controller
CI-502A series is capable of fast and accurate weighing via High-performance A/D converter.Suitable for a wide variety of applications from general platform scales to advanced weighingequipment such as hopper and packing scales.

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Jual Indicator Timbangan Cas CI-502A

Kami juga menerima jasa service indicator timbangan cas ci-502a Kalibrasi timbangan dan tera ulang timbangan cas.

Feature :

4 steps control

  • External input: 4ea • External output: 6ea
  • Various control modes: Limit mode, Packer mode, Checker mode
  • Application : Tester, Platform scale, Animal scale, Truck scale, Packing scale, checking scale, Hopper scale etc.


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