Stainless Steel Floor Scale

Stainless Steel Floor Scale

Single Frame Floor Scale Full Stainless Steel Material

  • Material of construction is fully stainless steel SUS 304
  • Material of Load cell and indicator is stainless steel
  • Protection class IP68

According the Function have  any option model of indicator :

  • GW / A12E+SS / GSC SGW-7000SS
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Jual Stainless Steel Floor Scale

Timbangan Lantai full stainless steel material menggunakan bahan 304 stainless steel anti karat anti air dengan sertifikasi IP68, menggunakan sensor anti air berkualitas baik, high quality waterproof load cell juga di lengkapi dengan display stainless steel yang tahan air dan debu.

Spesifikasi Stainless Steel Floor Scale :

Capacity / Div :

  • 500kg/0.1kg
  • 1000kg/0.2kg
  • 2000kg/0.5kg
  • 3000kg/0.5kg

Platform Size :

  • 1.000mm x 1.000mm
  • 1.200mm x 1.200mm
  • 1.500mm x 1.500mm

* Pesanan custom size dan capasitas tertentu bisa kami penuhi.

Kami juga menerima jasa service timbangan lantai stainless steel platform, kalibrasi timbangan lantai dan tera ulang timbangan digital lantai.


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