Timbangan Hand Pallet MK-E1005

Timbangan Hand Pallet MK-E1005

Spesification :

  • Capacity : 1.000kg, 2.000kg
  • Readability : 0.5kg, 1kg
  • Overload protection : 1.500kg, 2.500kg
  • Power Supply : Rechargeable battery + adaptor
  • Operating time : 100 hours (continuous usage)
  • Battery charging time : 12 hours
  • Operating temp : -10°C ~ 40°C
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Features timbangan hand pallet MK-E1005:

  1. Improve profitability: Pallet scale MK-E1005 gives you the tools to improve profitability and efficiency in many weight-based processes across the logistics, mining, waste, metals and engineering industries
  2. Accurate results – every time: Results are un mistake able in any conditios. The red LED display also guarantees simpler, more accurate check weighing
  3. MK-E1005 addresses most weighing needs. The serial port allows connectivity to PCs, printers, external display and other serial devices
  4. Unbeatable value for money: Economical to own and operate, it provides features and functionality beyond what you’d expect of an entry-level indicator.
  5. Wall mount bracket indicator can also use as wall display
  6. Fast and simple to use: Pallet scale MK-E1005 offers maximum ease of use
  7. Configurable trips: Three configurable weight-based trips give you the flexibility to carry out many basic process control routines
  8. Range of built-in functions: You can use the indicator to manage a wide range of tasks including piece weighing, check weighing, counting, totalising and peak hold measurement, also for HI ok Low function
  9. Less downtime – lower costs: Pallet scale MK=E1005 allows rapid installation and configuration, customize weighing unit, easy for conversion the weighing unit
  10. High Resolution Load Cell with overload protection
  11. Low battery indication for remind the operator to charge the battery when needed
  12. Rechargeable battery in this indicator is useful for use anywhere and anytime without need to replace the battery all the time
  13. Optional:
    1. Isolated 4-20mA Analog Current Output
    2. 2/4 set point
    3. Clock function
    4. RS-232 Modbus data output
    5. External printer
    6. RS-485
    7. USB interface for save the weighing data

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